What Is Beepi Car Selling Service?

What Is Beepi Car Selling Service?

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What Is Beepi Car Selling Service?

Well just like all Silicone Valley start ups, Beepi Car Selling Service states there Car Selling Service is the New & Best way to Sell A Car, Truck, Van or SUV,  The process seems to be a little convoluted in our opinion, Apparently, you can post your Car For Sale on the Beepi website and they will Sell Your Car and they take up to a 9 % commission. Beepi first sends out a Beepi Car Inspector and looks over your car, takes some pictures and uploads it to there site as a Car For Sale, At that point, they expect the General Public to Buy the said Car, Truck, Van or SUV with out the need to physically see the Car, Truck, Van or SUV for themselves, nor does the Car Buying customer does not even have the chance to Test Drive the Car before purchasing it.

On The Sellers Side

Although Beepi maintains the process is Simple and Guaranteed, Our question is, why Sell The Car for the customer, why not just Buy The Car Instantly like the Leading Car Buying Service US Cash For Carsstates US Cash For Cars Representative Tony Mastrobuoni, why all the, we can Sell Your Car For You non-sense, it doesn’t add up! in addition, if you going to state that the Sale of the Car is Guaranteed, then why the wait, Just Buy the Car, Truck, Van or SUV right there and then, Give the Car Selling Consumer what they want which is to Sell There Car Instantly, Fast & Fairly like US Cash For Cars where 1 call does it all: 800-227-9016

First of all, when a consumer wants to Sell A Car, they want to Sell There Car Immediately, Could you imagine walking into a 7-11, for some milk and eggs, only to be told buy the clerk, OK hold on Let Me Go And Milk The Cow for you, and then go and Choke Some Eggs out of the Chicken, it’s just not plausible, Touting Beepi as the Newest and Best way to Sell A Car, Truck, Van or SUV just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

On The Buyers Side

Really?? Beepi expects the Car Buying Community at large to Buy A Car, Truck, Van or SUV & without even a Test Drive? and to Top That, They want you to Buy the Car, Truck, Van or SUV whilst only looking at pictures on the internet! US Cash For CarsLeading Car Buying Service representative Tony Mastrobuoni states:

This sounds like it could be very simalar to Match.com, I had single friend who once met a girl through the internet, He saw her pictures they chatted a bit, in the description of this said young lady, stated she was Petite, Athletic, and loved Watching Movies, So he decided to commit and ask her on a date, When he arrived to his surprise, she looked nothing like the pictures, as it apparently the pictures where from 10 years earlier and as most, the much thinner days, and I quote – she looked as if She Ate herself, and for athletic, he said yeah she could have bench pressed me and for petite, he said, Yeah she was 5 foot high, but also 5 foot wide – LOL!!!

Well, that evening only cost my friend a large bill at the restaurant, an even bigger bill at the ice cream shop, and yet an even bigger bill at the Movie Theater snack counter, with that being said, it was only a few hundred dollars, and one evening, Would you want to be in that same position when Buying a Car, Truck, Van or SUV for thousands or even tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars in times like these, I think not. My suggestion to Car Buyers, is to go to some Local & Reputable Car Dealerships, Test Drive a few, Negotiate a great deal for yourself, and Buy The Car, Truck, Van or SUV of your Dreams!! Sometimes Silicon Valley whilst trying to re-invent a process that has worked for decades is succsesful and sometimes they are not. But the Car Buying & Selling Consumer may not be ready to order up there transportation on the internet just yet. We would like to wish Beepi all the luck in the world, Will it work?, only time will tell.

To Sell A Car, Truck, Van Or SUV Fast, Fair and Instantly Call US CASH FOR CARS: 800-227-9016

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by John P. on US Cash For Cars
Great Prices

Called Monday morning to junk my old Toyota Camry, not only did US Cash For cars pay me more than the other companies, they showed up that afternoon and towed my old junk car away for me.... great deal thanks

Hey John, Thanks for the Camry and the Cash For Cars Review and Business... Thanks again Tony!!!

by Nathan on Blank Business Name
Great Great Service A+++++

Painless and easy, called in the morning got a quote on my old Toyota, scheduled a pickup, truck showed up next morning took away my car and gave me some cash... Thanks for everything again...

Hey Nathan, Thanks for the review and the car, it was our pleasure to do business with you!!! Thanks 🙂

by Ken P. on US Cash For Cars
The Customer Service Was Exceptional

The customer service was exceptional, Tony was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. We really thought it would be a pain in the as* to sell the car, but it turned out to be rather easy, thanks to Tony. He set everything up, told us the tow would be there between 8-10am and it was there at 9 .. perfect! The driver was very polite and courteous. It honestly couldn't been any easier. I will recommend this company to everyone I know. They are honest, professional, and punctual. ..which is hard to come by these days. I usually don't write reviews at all, but I want people to keep these guys around!!!

Hey Ken, Thanks for the review and the Car, It was a pleasure to do business and I hope to see you again!!! Tony 🙂

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