How To: Sell A Car With A Car Loan

How To: Sell A Car With A Car Loan

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How To: Sell A Car With A Car Loan

To Sell A Car With A Car Loan, can sometimes be a little tricky, the process the Car Loan Company or Financial Institution (lender), would like you the Car Seller to follow is by making all the payments on time for the full term of the Car Loan, and then start to search for another Car to get a New Car Loan for, But if you want to Sell Your Car before the loan fully matures, The process becomes a little more daunting.

Call The Car Loan Company For  Pay Off

  Most Car Loan Companies have a dedicated Pay Off department, when speaking to them be assured to ask for a 5 or 10 day pay off, as it will give time for you to draft a Bank Check for faster turn around, and for the letter carrier of your choice to deliver final payment to the Car Loan Company or Financial Institution. At that point you will have to await the Car Loan Company or Financial Institution to send you a Car Loan Lien Release or a Free and Clear Certificate of Title to the Car, Truck, Van or SUV pending on what state you live in will determine what you will receive, If you live in a Title holding State, in which the Department of Motor Vehicle holds the Certificate of Title on Cars, Trucks, Vans or SUV’s with Car Loans, or you will already have a Certificate with Title with a Lien for the Car Loan printed on it, in which you would receive a Car Lien Release letter stating that the Car Loan has been Paid In Full, and that the Car, Truck, Van or SUV is now Free and Clear to Sell. 

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If You Have A Title With A Car Loan Lien, the Motor Vehicle Department (DMV) remove the actual Lien on the Cars Certificate Of Title

  Unfortunately, this will take another trip to your states, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), paying there FEE to issue another Certificate of Title that will be, A Clean Title with no Car Lien Holder printed on it, which is then a Free and Clear Title ready for you to Sell the Car, Truck, Van or SUV.


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